St. Leo's is a Catholic School. Our enrolment policy gives priority to Catholic children. Our Mission Statement emphasizes the role of all in creating and maintaining an environment conducive to the development of the whole person, (spiritually, physically, emotionally, intellectually and socially).Hence our Leadership team has adopted a list of expectations of parents, which is available upon request.


Enquiries are welcome. Tours of the school can be arranged at mutually convenient times.

Please contact the school office or click on the following link to view the Enrolment Guidelines.



Application forms can be obtained from the school office during school hours or can be printed by clicking on the following link. Enrolment Form

  • Most interviews regarding Prep applications are held in Term 2.
  • Details of how to accept an offer of enrolment and the Orientation Program are sent by mail soon after the interview.
  • Children enrolling in Prep are involved in an Orientation Program in November and this involves attending some classroom sessions at the school.
  • Parents are expected to attend an Information session andParent Information Booklet is provided outlining school expectations and procedures.



 Students enrolling at our school as part of a Prep intake will be required to provide proof of age (indicating that they have turned 5 years of age by the 30th April of that year) and a Certificate of Immunisation.

  • Students with Disabilities and Impairments may be enrolled at St Leo's School. The enrolment of Students with Disabilities and Impairments will be conducted in accordance with CECV policies.
  • Students wishing to enrol at our school from a neighbouring school will be able to do so if the Principal of such a school is in agreement with the transfer, or if there has been a change of address that places the student within our parish or for Pastoral reasons.
  • Enrolment at St Leo the Great Primary School, Altona North would normally be accepted according to the following priority order:
  1. Baptised Catholic children living in the Altona North Parish.
  2. Baptised Catholic children living in other Parishes. Consultation with the Parish Priest and/or principal of the school or Parish where the child lives will occur.
  3. Baptised children from Christian religions which share a special relationship with the history and traditions of the Catholic Church.
  4. Non-Christian children (provided that acceptance of enrolment is consistent with limits approved by the Archbishop of Melbourne).

Please note that siblings of children currently at school will be given priority.

Children whose parents and carers are committed to (and can demonstrate) consistent and full compliance with the school's parent charter, will be given high priority in enrolment decisions. Indeed our enrolment selection committee will consider such compliance as a most important selecation criteria.



NOTE: The Parish Priest reserves the right to allow an enrolment in cases he considers to be of a special or pastoral nature.