Restorative Practices

St Leo's aims to develop a friendly, warm, caring and secure learning environment.  We believe this process of growth is best developed in an environment which allows students to develop their own self-discipline and is supported through a framework of rights and responsibilities.


At St.Leo’s we aim to have a clearly defined whole school approach to discipline and welfare, using Restorative Practices which contribute to a safe, supportive, and happy learning environment. Restorative Practices is the link between care and support for our students and discipline procedures. We believe Student Wellbeing is integral to teaching and learning and is based on co-operation, collaboration and respectful dialogue. This dialogue includes the use of Affective Questions:


1. What happened?

2.How did it happen?

3.How did you act in this situation?

4. Who do you think was affected?

5.How were they affected?

6.How were you affected?

7.What needs to happen to make things right?

8.If you find yourself in the same situation again how would you behave differently?


Each classroom teacher conducts regular 'Circle Time' activities which are designed to increase self awareness, awareness of others, self-esteem, co-operation, trust and listening skills. In conjunction with our Social Skills progam, 'Bounce Back' we aim to foster and contribute to the building of positive relationships within our school community.