Mathematics Vision Statement:

At St Leo's we use contemporary teaching and learning strategies to develop students' attitudes, confidence, Mathematical skills and knowledge that are robust, adaptable and transferable in a global society.

Mathematics holds a high priority at St Leo's. Regular assessment and monitoring informs teaching and helps teachers address specific learning needs. Children will participate in many 'hands on' and 'open-ended investigations' using problem solving strategies and concrete materials, such as counters, blocks, measurement equipment and computer technology.

In Mathematics, the teachers have participated in ongoing professional development in content areas as well as lesson structures. As a result, we are committed to a whole school approach of challenging our students to engage with tasks which encourage them to persist and explore mathematical connections between concepts.
Students develop Mathematical concepts through discussion, immersion in the language of Mathematics, counting, problem solving, individual work, and co-operative group work.

Throughout our Numeracy sessions the students are encouraged to articulate strategies used, consolidate their learning and to extend their knowledge to develop deeper understanding of concepts taught. They are immersed in experiences that allow each child to engage with and develop these understandings. Our Math's walls in all our classrooms  celebrate students' success as well as support their learning by displaying understandings, work samples, Mathematical language, photos and annotations.