Through our Inquiry units students learn important concepts from areas of the curriculum such as Science, History, Geography, Health, Civics and Citizenship and Economics.  

Twice a year, during our Science Inquiry units, there is a major STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) focus, where students design and create a solution to a real life problem. The students are also involved in STEM launchers, which are quick investigations, that challenge children to work collaboratively to problem solve. 

Students are engaged in learning investigations which encourage them to think critically and deeply and formulate questions and wonderings. We provide opportunities for students which include:

  • Researching information from multiple sources.

  • Visits from experts both outsourced and within our community.

  • Excursions to extend our thinking beyond our local community.

  • Sorting information and presenting their understandings in a range of ways including digital and non - digital. 

Applying their new knowledge  in other contexts sometimes beyond the classroom.

Through Inquiry, students learn to self-mange, research, collaborate, communicate, analyse and persist.