Teaching & Learning

The school’s Vision Statement includes the words, ‘safe and enriching learning environment’. We take these words very seriously, as we endeavor to promote success for all students.  Structures are in place to allow for collaborative planning and effective delivery of the curriculum.


We analyse school-based and external data regularly  in order to inform planning and teaching.  Teachers use the Victorian Curriculum to plan curriculum. Our teachers are regularly involved in Professional Development, which is determined by the needs of the school community and outlined in our Annual Action Plans. Teachers are involved in weekly professional-learning-team meetings.  These meetings provide a forum for dialogue about data, evaluation, observation and curriculum.

Specialist teachers teach Physical Education and Information & Communications Technology, whilst classroom teachers teach The Arts (Drama, Visual and Media) and L.O.T.E. (Italian).  Furthermore, in-school workshops (run by experts) and excursions add an extra dimension to our learning and teaching.